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Our Services

We provide various services and work with different sized operations to provide on farm solutions that are high quality, convenient, cost effective & timely. 

Seed Cleaning

We can clean your wheat, barley, oat, rye, peas & faba bean seed. Direct from your grain bins to your grain trailers or trucks minimizes handling and seed damage. 

Colour sorting

We provide portable colour sorting & can remove wild oats, ergot & other types of separations that require a colour sorter. 

Treated seed contamination

Have a bin of seed or load that has some contaminated treated seed? Give us a call to discuss how we can help separate treated seed for you. 

Excreta Removal

Have spring thrashed grain or crops infested with wildlife excreta? We can clean it out whether its canola, cereals or pulses. 



Growing a intercrop? Whether it is peas & canola or oats & peas or another type of intercropping we can provide on farm intercropping separation services for you. 

Quality issue

If you have a crop that has quality issues give us call to see how we can upgrade your grain so you can receive top dollar for your product. 

Farm Equipment Parts Repair
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